Work It Out

Writing, copy editing, proofreading and making it readable. Choreography, performance, production and making it happen. Sewing, quilting, alteration, repairs and making it wearable. Costuming, construction, collage, assemblage and making it beautiful. Organizing, rearranging, decluttering, filing and making it understandable.These are a few of my current jobs.

I do not have a day job. I have several — as well as night jobs, contract engagements, pick-up gigs and piece work. I spend at least half of my daily mental energy on juggling tasks, shifting gears, managing schedules and remembering which meeting (on which side of town) I need to get to next. This kind of worklife sounds exhausting and frazzling to a lot of people, but for me it’s the only way to work.

My perfect workday is proofreading for several hours in the morning, organizing a borderline hoarder’s apartment in the afternoon, following it up with a rehearsal in the evening and then a couple of late-night hours at the sewing machine. Even if it turns out to be a 16-hour day (which, we’re all too aware, is how freelancers often need to work to make ends meet), I get to see the sunlight, I get to move around and–most importantly– I get to set my own rates and schedule.

Freedom to work!

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