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Work in general, as a phenomenon common to all humans…

Don’t Worry About the Grout

In my late 20’s I went to work for a housecleaning service. Because of my uncontrollable gag reflex toward all things corporate and my reluctance to submit to a daily cavity search, I was unemployable by cleaning companies with adorable names or a fleet of custom-painted cars. But […]

What Do You Do?

As happens in so many situations, I don’t consider my work life to be unusual until it’s thrown into relief against the way normies do it… I just looked over this year’s tax forms and, as usual, felt some free-floating trepidation upon encountering the “Occupation” field. I know […]

How Many Jobs Have You Had?

AN ABBREVIATED LISTING OF ALL THE JOBS I’VE HAD (in roughly, not-exactly-chronological order): DANCE INSTRUCTOR (a rite of passage for all young dancers) GRILL COOK (I learned what a “Reuben” was) WAITRESS (I learned how badly one’s feet could hurt) RECEPTIONIST (reading Charles Bukowski and feeling resentful) WRITING […]

Work It Out

Writing, copy editing, proofreading and making it readable. Choreography, performance, production and making it happen. Sewing, quilting, alteration, repairs and making it wearable. Costuming, construction, collage, assemblage and making it beautiful. Organizing, rearranging, decluttering, filing and making it understandable.These are a few of my current jobs. I do […]